“We shall give this unworthy woman….a house.”

Name that movie! (I hope I quoted it right)

Well.  Well.  Tonight it happened.  Tonight the Realtor called us around dinner and said that it was safe enough to offer congratulations, that tomorrow at noon the paperwork would be ready at his desk, and we would have a new home (by March).

Let me back up.  Last time I mentioned our house hunt I told of a beautiful house with mountain and lake views.  This is not it.  After dickering a while with the current owner, I don’t really miss the dreams I had of that house.  The New Haus is nearby in a great family subdivision.  What pleases me is that there are many little touches in this home that reminds me of things I love about my current abode.  Lights in the closets.  A dogwood tree.  River rocks bordering our flowerbeds.   A raised bed garden already in place for tomatoes (and the tomato cages).   This is amazing.

I credit St. Joseph for helping us find this house.  No, I didn’t bury his statue in the yard or anything.  I finally stopped giving God the MailOrder Prayer: “Ok, this is the house we want, so make it so.  Oh, if it be Thy will.”  Instead, I made a nine-hour novena to St. Joseph, asking him to intercede for guidance on finding the Perfect Home where we could grow closer as a family, raise our children safely, and–a minor point–still have a garden.  Within a day of this, the Realtor called and suggested we see The New Haus.

And the rest is history.


Now, St. Joseph, about selling THIS house…. 😉


Haus Frau in the new kitchen.


4 thoughts on ““We shall give this unworthy woman….a house.”

  1. Don’t know if you quoted it correctly, but I do remembering something like that in “The King and I”.


  2. Congrats on the house! Very exciting indeed! The really important question is: does it have a deluxe mud pit in the backyard? 😉

  3. It does not have a deluxe mud pit in the back…yet. This is only because the Rascal has not yet been in the backyard, armed with shovels. 🙂

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