Dinosaurs in my living room….

…and in my kitchen, my bathroom, and the boys’ bedroom….

Ever since we posted those videos about the baby elephants–particularly the one of cute Baby Baylor and his pool–the kids have clamored for more animal videos.  So I found the Houston Zoo youtube channel (for more of Baylor) and a short time later the imagination of one small boy was caught hook, line, and sinker–and not by cute elephants.

Of course, I’m talking about my Dinosaur.  And I am referencing the following video:

Ever since he saw this video of a now-extinct exhibit (and the other two related videos on the Houston Zoo website), he’s like Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes.

Luckily, my Dinosaur hasn't bitten anyone yet.

Dinosaur occasionally stomps around the house with a wrinkled nose and teeth bared–not in a menacing manner, but more like a really cheesy grin, although I have no doubt he thinks he is menacing.   There is a good deal of roaring going on while he’s in Dino-mode, but it is actually quieter than his occasional temper outbursts so I don’t mind it much.  In fact, I am very much amused when my kids use their imaginations to this extent, although I wish he had a better sense of timing.  I was trying to get everyone ready to go in the van last week so I could pick up our sitter for Trooper’s therapy, when he decided to go into Dino-mode and came stomping into the living room clad only in his John Deere shorts.  Reminding him that this was not the proper attire for a trip outside in January, even in the mild South, he quickly helped me dress him and we still made it on time.

This morning at Mass, though, I had to struggle to keep my composure during the opening prayers, as we were all standing and I looked down at my children to see Dinosaur with his “dino-face” on, looking back toward the family behind us who were waving to him as usual.  As Dino is generally shy and reticent around strangers (ok, sometimes flat out anti-social), I imagined they thought he was finally smiling back at them.

I just count my blessings that he didn’t roar.

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