Within the next few days the news should break that we did not get the house mentioned in the Busy Bustling January post.  It would appear that ours was the second-highest offer, and we missed out by so little.  However, this morning Haus Meister and I had a quick “date” to visit another potential new abode, with our Realtor tagging along.  I will pause a moment to make mention that this guy has a heart of gold.  When he came over to our house to talk about putting it on the market, our kids immediately–and accurately–sized him up as a grandfatherly sort and adopted him.  No doubt even the Dinosaur sensed that the Realtor is a country boy at heart because even Dino came out of his typical shyness to sit next to the Realtor on the couch and listen to him read the story that Princess asked him to read.  But back to the house.

It’s beautiful.  I could look out from the kitchen sink and see the mountains in the distance and even a glimmer of the lake (and, looking down, the backyard and the little copse of trees perfect for a treefort someday).

But it isn’t ours yet, so I’d better stop gushing.

Meanwhile, we keep packing up boxes here and there of things we’re not going to need for the next few months and haul it off to the storage unit.   While in the attic removing a featherbed we inherited, I also brought down the dollhouse mentioned in the birthday post to see if it would fit the Peg Doll.  It does, like a dream!

The Peg Doll does some house-hunting, with fierce competition from the engines out of Tidmouth Sheds.

The children absolutely loved the dollhouse, and I cannot wait until we’re settled in a place where I can spend some quiet evenings repainting and refinishing this dollhouse (and the four interior rooms) for Princess’ birthday this Fall.  Well, I might have to ask my sister to take care of the paint part. 😉  I can fashion Peg Doll appropriate accessories, but my painting projects never quite turn out like I would have them do in my head….

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