He warms my heart, that Rascal.

Today I “met” our Munchkin.  It was my first visit to the doctor since the positive pregnancy sign so I had the sonogram and there on the screen was that perfect little being, heart beating!  Coming home, I showed the sonogram picture to Rascal and told him that here was his Birthday Baby, and showed him how small the Munchkin is right now.   In the “Welcome New Mama” gift bag from the doctor’s office was a little booklet showing computer art renderings of what a baby in utero looks like by the week, and pointing to the little baby on Week 9 I said, “and that is what the baby looks like.”

“Aww,” said Rascal.  “What a cute little guy!”

The rest of the evening he was gushing about “his Birthday Baby.”  On at least three occasions he boasted to one sibling or the other that: “We’re getting the baby on my birthday.”  He wanted to give me a hug so he could hug the baby, too, and before going to sleep tonight he said, “Thanks for my birthday baby, Mommy.  I love the baby so much.”

I will remember that forever.

7 thoughts on “He warms my heart, that Rascal.

  1. That is adorable! yet more proof against the myth that big families are harmful to the other children!! 🙂

  2. You girls and guys (you and the Storeys) should get gifts from the Social Security Commission for bolstering the future!

  3. That is so sweet… I totally know that pride Rascal feels:-) One of my brothers was due on my birthday. On the night I turned 8 I remember following my mom back to her bedroom and asking her if the new baby would be born on that night.I was so excited at the possibility of having a sibling share my special day. As it turned out he was born over two weeks later, but still in the same month, so that was cool since we were the only two born in July.

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