Before the flu…

This is the scene that met the eyes of my little ones when they awoke the morning of the 12th.

The "pink" + "John Deere" birthday I promised we'd throw when Sunshine was born on Dinosaur's birthday.

A dozen balloons, ten of which were happily branded with the John Deere logo, and two pink ones, since that was all that was left over from Princess’ birthday in September.  The sweatshirt, haha, ah, the sweatshirt is for Dinosaur.  I anticipated he’d wear it with glee, but I forgot that when he gets a new JD shirt he likes to look at it for the better part of the week and then decide it will be an essential part of his wardrobe.  By essential, I mean you would have to peel it off his body unless he does so voluntarily.  My Dad, who came South with Mom to our rescue after the flu, had an amusing firsthand experience of this as we got the boys ready for Mass this morning.  Fortunately for him, I was the “bad guy” responsible for removing the long-sleeve JD shirt and only when I pulled out the JD undershirt (white Hanes with a hastily appliqued tractor on it) did Dinosaur calm down and acquiesce to wear it under his church shirt. 😉

Sunshine's gift "driving" the tractor

One of our gifts to Sunshine was the adorable Peg Doll seen above.  The Doll is currently sitting on the girls’ dresser next to a Tasha Tudor card looking very sweet, and I have a hunch she will fit perfectly in a dollhouse that we have in the attic, just waiting to be restored and played with by my little girls (my aunt gave it to me–it was hers).  I also think I’ll need about three more Peg Dolls for that house, so I’m going to stash this idea for future birthdays/holidays.  The tractor was a Christmas gift to the boys; I was just looking for the fun pink +John Deere connection.

The rest of the presents (a John Deere book, the Melissa & Doug Cupcake Set–minus markers, and a John Deere cup) were placed out of reach (lest they be opened by overzealous birthday helpers) until the time after dinner when we’d have our cake and open presents.  But then the flu hit.  Fortunately, the birthday story has a happy ending, but that will be in another post…

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