Give this man a medal!

If there’s an award out there for the husband and father who does great deeds above and beyond the call of duty, I’d nominate my husband in a heartbeat.  Yesterday afternoon our plans for the big family birthday party began to go awry when Sunshine started getting sick.  That was around 3pm.  By 7pm, Trooper, Dinosaur, Princess and myself had also dropped like flies.  Haus Meister came home from work, having picked up dinner en route after receiving my text message about Sunshine, and then proceeded to be SuperDad for the rest of the evening, cleaning up after sick kids, soothing children’s wails, checking on me from time to time  and bringing me ice water (I pretty much hid out in our bedroom and bathroom when it hit me–there honestly was nothing more I could do), and maintaining the night watch.  I did get up to answer a few of the boys’ calls during the night, but by then the worst was over and they were able to drink liquids again–which was why they were calling.  Haus Meister was on the couch with Princess, who had not had the best of evenings.  Haus Meister then got up in the morning, made his coffee, swept and mopped the floors, disinfected things, wiped down areas, piled all the laundry, and started the dishwasher (which we hadn’t had a spare moment to do the night before)–all this before the bug hit him, too, this afternoon.  I want to give this wonderful man a medal.

That bug took no prisoners, let me tell you.  Poor Rascal, who had been the first to go on Monday, was left with five recuperating family members and no one to share his boundless energy.  Luckily he was able to take it out on the Angry Birds game on the iPad. 😉 He was also a big helper during the flustorm, often going around and make sure the resting convalescents were nicely covered up.  He’s a sweetheart.

This is the second January 12 in a row that my family has had to deal with the stomach flu.  This had better not become a tradition–it’s one we could certainly do without!

2 thoughts on “Give this man a medal!

  1. ahh, you poor dears!! …yes I remember last Jan. 12th. Wasn’t this the same thing that sent you into labor with baby sunshine?! well, happy birthday Haus Frau!!! I hope your medal winning husband is well so he can treat you like a queen today:-)

  2. Yes, in fact, it was the stomach flu that gave Sunshine the incentive to arrive. My husband is well–we’re all well–and I’m lucky for this, and that he treats me like a queen every day. 😉

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