Busy Bustling January

Now that we’re in our second day of being nearly snowed under (although today Haus Meister was actually able to make it to work, since our town does own one snowplow), and the air of the sickroom is gradually leaving our little abode (provided Rascal’s episode last night was a 24hr bug and nothing more serious–please, God?), I can finally blog about things that are bringing smiles to our faces right now.

  1. Tomorrow we celebrate our first family joint birthday.  The Dinosaur turns four and Sunshine turns one.  Is it possible?  We are having a small select party: just our family–if everyone is well then grandparents will come and celebrate this weekend.  Haus Meister’s parents are still snowed under, in any event.  I am going to decorate as soon as Sunshine decides to turn in for the evening, and I anticipate tomorrow’s festivities will look something like This meets This: 
  2. Foremost on the subject of things overjoying us is that come late August we will have another possibly little baby in the Haus again.  I say possibly little because my last newborn was 9lbs 11oz and we never could bring ourselves to call her a “little” baby.  Rejoice and pray with us as we await the arrival of Birthday Baby, so called as he/she will arrive around the same time as Rascal’s 6th Birthday.  God times things well.  I’ll never forget a date now.  Anyway, if random picture generators are anything accurate, then the baby should look something like this:

    We've never yet had a baby look like this. I need to find new pictures of myself and Haus Meister.

    3. Contentment can only go so far before becoming logistically uncomfortable.  We are now in search of a larger home, although this little House of Dreams will always be dear to our hearts.  We anticipate the future abode will look something like this:

    Think this has enough bedrooms?

    Just kidding.  We have made an offer on a respectable home with five bedrooms, more than enough bathrooms, and an acre of land.  Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who have offered.  Our realtor assures us we’re still in the running, though, so we hope to have good news on this score soon.

    So, that’s what our busy bustling January has been like thus far.  I spare you the details of getting over viral infections, ear infections, and croup.  I won’t at this time delve into the interesting insanity that is packing up a house while people are sick, while homeschooling, and with very earnest little helpers (Rascal began packing the pillows from the couch instead of those things we won’t need for a few months).  That’s another blogpost.  In any event, it has kept me from making overly ambitious New Year’s Resolutions (like last year’s): this year I am going to finish both girls’ cross-stitched Christmas stockings and I am going to continue to learn to knit.  Both projects can be kept in a totebag that can stay next to me during the move (unlike my fabric stash and sewing machine).  For now, however, I am going to try and gently persuade my dear little toddler of a girl that she needs to get her beauty sleep before her First Big Day tomorrow.  🙂  Till next time!

5 thoughts on “Busy Bustling January

  1. Congratulations! And good luck in your house-hunting! We’re beginning to see the end of an era in our house as well. And happy birthday to the little ones – what joyous times for you!

  2. I sure hope those baby match things are always off because I never want anything close to the bat baby generated for me.;)

    Happy birthday to my two little niece and nephew!

  3. A very Happy Birthday to our godson (I really am going to send a gift–really!) and to Sunshine, too, of course.

  4. Congratulations and we will be praying for a healthy pregnancy for you and baby. And happy birthdays to everyone else!

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