Happy Feast of the Epiphany (traditional, observed)


I forgot to post this on Sunday, but luckily I still had today, the traditional Feast of Epiphany, as backup.  The children LOVE the 1987 Claymation Christmas Special.  I’m so glad to pass on that tradition. 😉  Rascal only sings “We Three Kings” like this rendition (“Star uh Wonder Star uh Naaat”) which makes me rather thankful that he wasn’t with us last Saturday at the anticipation  Mass.  Sometimes I find myself wishing the congregation could speed this hymn up a bit… it’s so nice, but once the refrain starts to drag, it makes the whole thing interminable and you’re just wishing the Wise Men would hurry up and deliver their gifts already.

Ok, so I need to work on Patience this year.  Again. 😉

Happy Epiphany.

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