Getting back into the routine…

The blog has been silent for a while as we celebrated Christmas up North this year.  It  was also silent as we all got sick right after Christmas Day.  Some of us (ahem-me) still have the blasted residual cough that haunts the end of a cold for a week or so.  St. Nicholas interceded for us and our prayer for a White Christmas was answered (even though we were in the Midwest, I know we didn’t always have a white Christmas while I was growing up).  In fact, St. Nicholas covered all the bases because our hometown was also granted  a White Christmas (something I didn’t see in the seven years I’ve been here).

Our little tree made the trip with us, sandwiched between the driver and passenger seats of our van.  Haus Meister plugged the lights into the adapter that fits into the cigarette lighter, and thus we had our twinkle lights on for the drive as well.  I wore my Santa hat and the van had its antlers and nose on.  I daresay there was hardly a more festive vehicle heading up that highway. 🙂  Unfortunately, the tree didn’t make the trip home–too brittle by that point.  And one of the car antlers was forcibly ejected by Hobbit Dog, who accidentally rolled down the passenger window while we were cruising South just past Louisville.   I stared into the rearview mirror, envisioning the antler smashing into a windshield like a missile and causing  a thirty car pileup.   Fortunately, it passed without incident and as soon as we stopped again the van stopped looking like an oversized silver reindeer.

The children had an absolute blast with their little cousin, aunt, uncle, and grandparents, of course.  Rascal and Dinosaur even went sledding (although the second time, Dinosaur was content to sit on the sidelines and Mr. Woodhouse-like, admonish people for having fun on something he considered to be “dangerous.”).  Mass was lovely, dinner delicious, everyone was happy with gifts given and received, and the only fly in the ointment was the fact that we all caught cold.  Especially now that Unk the First has been restored to us, I can say that getting sick was the biggest downer on our holiday, but hey, that’s not so bad after all.  We were all still together. 🙂  Thanks, Mom & Dad, for putting us up/putting up with us. 😉

But now… back to normal.  Or at least, our version of it.  😉  Today we go back to school.  I confess it was almost a relief to sit down last night with my tea and write out the week’s lesson plans.  There can be, after all, too much vacation, and we’ve been on holiday since December 11th.  But what a nice feast day to start off our semester!   That being said, I’m off for now.


2 thoughts on “Getting back into the routine…

  1. The house is very quiet now and the Christmas decorations do not seem as jolly as they were when 5 little hobbits were running through the house (6 when Miss Lucy graced us). We had a great time (minus the colds) and hope we can do this again. I’ll have to look for a John Deere sled to entice Dinosaur down the hill again.

  2. Hooray for finding the original Unk! I think Rose is relieved to be back into our school routine, but I confess that I am having a VERY hard time going back to normal. It’s tough to have Ben back at work all day. 😦

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