Small Successes–3rd Week of Advent Edition

My cookies don't look this good. But they taste great!

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

I can hardly believe it is Thursday again already.

1) The kids and I have managed to make four batches of cookies and I made my cranberry-orange loaves on Monday.  Whew!  I am desperately trying to save said cookies from my irrepressible cookie-snatchers as well, some of whom grow more clever by the year!

2) Haus Meister repainted the kitchen in that ill-named color from Benjamin Moore.  It looks like an entirely new room, but one that is warm and cozy, which is precisely what I wanted. 🙂

3)  Christmas cards and Christmas shopping are done.  Ahhh… but now for the rest of the Christmas baking and package mailing. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Small Successes–3rd Week of Advent Edition

  1. No one just paints the kitchen – it takes weeks of planning, then there is the prep, and then more thinking about it, then getting the supplies ready, then more thinking about it, then you have to actually motivate yourself to start the job, then there is the job itself – all in all I think this is about a three month process from desire to finish. Next thing it will be: “Haus Meister had a free afternoon so he added two new rooms to the house!”

  2. You should try the Cranberry-orange loaves from Schwan’s. They are yummy, delivered to your door, and you can wrap them up with a bow and no one would ever know the difference! Saves a LOT of time and tastes as good as homemade.

  3. I might try that if I run out of time. I don’t know if we have Schwans down here. Actually, we do. Just checked. I don’t see the truck much. Usually I get the Capital Meat people coming to my door with their brand-name van (and a lit cigarette)–or the guys who have a deep freeze in the back of their pickup truck saying they’re licensed to sell meat. Riiight. I sent them both packing.

  4. LOL! We used to get one of those trucks with the motley crew that came through every once in a while. But Schwan’s is legit. A little more in price but worth it for home delivery and am pleased with the quality. The Oberweis Dairy truck comes through too but I haven’t signed up yet for them. Pretty sure the Chicagoland family is on their route. I would have loved that service when the kids were little, for sure. Oberweis is fairly new to Indy but I’ve had Schwan’s delivery for at least 20 years.

  5. We received your Christmas card today. A+++++!!! You could go into business. It was outstanding! Not only did you have good subjects to work with, but YOU made the card. Very impressive!

    And ditto on Jeannie’s comment on Schwan’s. I’m surprised THEY haven’t found YOU!

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