Christmas Card Woes….

I’m still working on them.   It’s easier this year: with the beauty of our iPhoto program, I wrote the letter into the card itself, thus eliminating the dreaded folding-of-135-letters step.  I’ve noticed a significant speed increase as I zip through the address book.  So why am I not finished with them?

Because there’s 135 of them.

And Sunshine is cutting the second of two teeth.

Seriously, tonight I announced to Haus Meister that I was going to *finish the cards* and whipped off the last three Rs (oh shucks, forgot one) and moved onto the Ss.  Four envelopes in, I hear a whimpering from Sunshine’s crib.  Glancing at the clock, I knew it could go two ways: She could fall back asleep pretty quickly after I get her, or she could be awake and happy–for hours.  She’s Daddy’s girl in the daytime, but at night she still pretty much wants Mama, and moreso when teething.  Anyway, she was awake, and happy.  And still is.  It has been hours.

If you’re in my address book and your name begins with a letter after R, don’t worry, you will get your card.  Eventually.  😉   Maybe next year, to shake things up, I’ll start with Z and work my way through the book backwards.  In the meantime, I’m going to try to convince my fuzzy-headed darling of a daughter that she really wants to sleep.



Update 15 December at 10:59pm

The cards are done and will be mailed out tomorrow!  Huzzah!

One thought on “Christmas Card Woes….

  1. I think you should slip a few “W”s in your printer and get them in the mail. Just skip the other letters! I was treated (by Joannie) to a sneak preview and my Christmas photo wreath NEEDS your DARLING family to complete it!
    Aunt Judy

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