Jesse Tree — Third Week of Advent

This week sees a lot of “double-ornament” days as we try to cram as much Bible History before launching into the O Antiphons this Friday.  I realize I inadvertently left out Solomon, and so next year I’ll add an ornament for him next to his father’s.  I think I’ll be adding quite a few more ornaments over the years, so this list only reflects what we are doing this year.  If you want a much more detailed, better organized list, you need to check out what they have at Shower of Roses.  🙂

Wk 3 Day 1:  David — stories of King David in Early Reader’s Bible, and other Bible stories — ornament: harp (we also allowed some candy canes on the tree in homage to David’s original occupation as shepherd, but those are gone now. 😉 )

Wk 3 Day 2: Elijah & Nehemiah — Elijah and the raven in Early Reader’s Bible, Nehemiah story as well — ornaments: raven and walls.

Wk 3 Day 3: Daniel & Esther — respective stories — Queen’s crown, lion

Wk 3 Day 4: Jonah & John the Baptist — Jonah and the Whale, John baptizing in the Jordan — ornaments: whale, shell

Wk 3 Day 5: Micah — “But you, Bethlehem-Ephrathah too small to be among the clans of Judah, From you shall come forth for me one who is to be ruler in Israel”  — ornament: little town of Bethlehem

Wk 3 Day 6: O Antiphon 1: O come now Wisdom — ornament: a book.

Wk 3 Day 7: O Antiphon 2: O Come Thou Lord of Might — ornament: a flame

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