Kids in the Kitchen Friday–Episode 6

It’s becoming a joke that these baking sessions are actually on a Friday.  This one was on a Saturday, with dough we had made earlier and put in the freezer.  As it was a Saturday, Haus Meister was around to join the fun.  Within minutes it was clear that Daddy is better at cookie cutter cookies than Mommy, because not only is he capable of rolling dough into the proper thickness, he also comes up with imaginative ideas like this:

I realize that all six Episodes of this blog installment have had to do with sweets, which is very counter-cultural in the movement against childhood obesity that has influenced even the jars of baby food in the grocery store (just try finding Dutch Apple Dessert these days).  This is not to say such a movement is altogether bad (although I was looking forward to seeing if Sunshine liked Dutch Apple Dessert as well as three of her big siblings did).  Let me assure you that my children are far from obese.  Case in point: when I took Rascal and the Dinosaur in for their well-child checkups, the nurse asked me the usual questions about diet and nutrition, including “Are they drinking 2% milk or skim?”

“Whole.” I answered.


She glanced over at my lean and lanky youngsters and said, “Well, it doesn’t seem to be hurting them!”



Anyway, this course is meant to introduce the kids to the concept of cooking, kitchen safety, and etc.  At their ages, nothing is more likely to ensure the success of my mission than something with requisite amounts of sugar and butter.  Believe me, I already tried getting them excited about mashed potatoes.  That day will come.  😉  Meanwhile, we’re making Christmas cookies.


One thought on “Kids in the Kitchen Friday–Episode 6

  1. Kids are all so different. I have two sturdy healthy kids in a row who eat like crazy, they are super-active and usually in the %50 percentile for weight. My third is a tiny little thing (no matter what I feed her) Maybe in the %25 percentile for weight, but taller than my other 2. I think the fact that they don’t get sugary cereal, soda pop, juice boxes and all the other snacks out there, snacks are usually fruit, and they drink water. 🙂 So we can certainly afford to make and eat cookies made with cookies and butter!

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