St. Nicholas Eve & a big celebration to follow.

Seven pairs of shoes are in a pretty tidy line in the hallway.  Our special red sack is hanging from a doorknob with a letter inside, in the hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there…

In our lesson plans for tomorrow is a whole day devoted to one of our favorite Saints, with books to read, a movie to watch, activity pages to enjoy.  If we get around to it, we’ll make St. Nicholas speculatius, but I have that only tentatively planned as tomorrow is also special because it is someone’s birthday!

Trooper will be 7!

I have printed out a banner spelling Trooper’s name with various semi-trucks and other big truckin’ machinery in the background.  His presents are wrapped, and thanks to both godparents his iPad will have new educational and fun apps for him to try out in the morning.  He’ll have a big spaghetti dinner in the evening, and he’ll blow out his birthday candle and enjoy….a tub of plain yogurt.  Sigh…he still doesn’t want cake.  But that’s fine; we’ll eat it for him.  He, unbelievable as it may seem, is quite happy with plain yogurt.  He would eat it eight days a week. 😉

Tonight Trooper signed that he wanted me to stay with him a bit after our family nighttime prayer routine.  Often he doesn’t require people to stay with him in order to go to sleep; but sometimes he just wants someone near for a bit, and tonight I sat next to him and thought of my baby in the NICU.  I thought of the long wait to bring him home.  I thought of the doctor who told us after Trooper’s heart surgery on Dec. 9th, 2003, “I made them do this surgery now rather than give it a day or two because I could tell you love your baby.”

We do love you, Trooper.  We always will.  We are so proud that you are our son.

Tiny Trooper

Now you are seven.

5 thoughts on “St. Nicholas Eve & a big celebration to follow.

  1. My goodness- how much he looks like Grandpa Mark! And I have always loved the name you gave him 🙂 Happy Feast Day & Happy Birthday!

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