Jesse Tree — Second Week of Advent

The Jesse tree is still going strong.  The boys are definitely enjoying this tradition, thus ensuring it’s status as such.  Here’s the ornaments for our tree this coming week:

Sunday Wk 2:  Joseph — story of Joseph and his brothers, Joseph in Egypt — ornament: coat

Monday Wk 2: Moses –burning bush — ornament: burning bush

Tuesday Wk 2: Moses again — Passover — ornament: lamb

Wednesday Wk 2: Moses again — Ten Commandments — ornament: tablets of 10 commandments

Thursday Wk 2: Joshua — the Fall of Jericho — ornament: horn

Friday Wk 2: Ruth — Naomi and Ruth — ornament: Sheaves of Grain

Saturday Wk 2: Samuel — Samuel anoints David — ornament: oil lamp  (think Aladdin style lamp, not pioneer lamp. ;))


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