Clothes horse.

I’d be willing to bet that every family has a preschooler who changes clothes frequently once they’ve mastered the skill of dressing themselves.  As said preschooler was my sister once upon a time, I only assumed that in my house, the frequent clothes-changer would be my Princess.  It  may yet prove the case, but for now, the family clothes horse is Dinosaur.  Every so often he’ll disappear into his room and come out with a different article of clothing.  His outfits don’t always match and are limited to what he can reach in his closet or get out of his drawers.  Today I decided to make a note of what he was wearing at different times:
  • dinosaur pajamas
  • dinosaur pajamas with red slippers
  • excavator shirt (which is green with a yellow excavator thus deeming it in his eyes a John Deere shirt even though it really isn’t), dino pajama bottoms, red slippers
  • short sleeve green John Deere shirt, fuzzy John Deere pajama shorts
  • same but adding red slippers
  • long sleeve John Deere shirt, fuzzy JD pajama shorts.
  • Long sleeve JD shirt, fuzzy hot air balloon pajama bottoms (no slippers).
  • Long sleeve JD shirt, John Deere pajama pants from Rascal’s drawer (no slippers).
  • (After accidentally spilling a drink down his front) Race car pajama pants.
  • When I insisted upon a shirt: John Deere short sleeve shirt (same from the morning), race car pajama pants.
  • A different JD short sleeve shirt, race car pajama pants.
  • White T-shirt style undershirt, helicopter pajama pants.
  • (After bath)  Dinosaur pajamas — since they had only been worn after last night’s bath.
  • Dinosaur pajamas with the red slippers.

Ok, so I’m seeing a pattern.  On days when we aren’t expected to see anyone or go anywhere, Dino will live in his John Deere ensembles or pajamas or a combination of both.  Mind you, his dresser drawer is bulging with perfectly good pairs of pants and there are several different shirts in his closet.  He’s the youngest boy and has a wealth of good hand-me-downs at his disposal.  But will he wear any of them?  See above.  I’ve also noticed that these changes usually occur after he’s had a restroom break, as if it’s easier to put on new clothes rather than just put back on the perfectly good previously worn ones.  Unless, of course, it’s the slippers.

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