Kids in the Kitchen Friday — Episode 5

In which, we are back to Thursday again.  I had set aside the following recipe, which appeared in our paper in conjunction with a coupon, out of nostalgia sake since the ad reminded me of ones my mom had saved out of her paper when I was little.  Rascal saw it Thursday at lunch and announced that we had to make some of these cookies.  Haus Meister took a look and immediately concurred, with the foregone conclusion that I would be using real butter in the baking.  As my sisters-in-law were visiting, Rascal was in and out of the kitchen a little more than usual, but did help in the mixing and balling of dough.  Dinosaur and Princess assisted in the sampling of “spare” M&Ms.  I didn’t use Christmas M&Ms as I’m not doing any Christmas cookie baking yet (and besides, there were more M&Ms in the regular bag).  So if you are interested in the Holly Jolly Peanut Butter Cookies, you may find them by clicking the picture below.

Sorry, no pictures of our cookies.  They were eaten far too fast. 😉

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