Kids in the Kitchen Friday — Episode 4


No, that is not what we made.  In fact, we didn’t “make” anything in the kitchen today.  Instead, we chose to head out to the garden spot and planted garlic cloves in the hopes of harvesting our “own” garlic next summer.  I only planted six cloves rather than going over-the-top as usual and taking over the whole garden.  That is never a wise idea during these rather dormant months ahead, as the boys usually turn that area into a “giant” John Deere ERTL toy digging site.   I staked my claim and tried to keep my most eager helper, the Dinosaur, from continuing his excavations (a nearly 4yr old with a shovel is a dangerous thing).  If this works, I’ll put by more next year so we can make fancy garlic braids to hang in the kitchen…


…oh, and use the garlic in our recipes, too, naturally! 😉

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