Vague instructions for hot cocoa


The chill of November has finally reached us, more or less.  This past Thursday I wrote the ingredients for homemade hot cocoa on my shopping list.  One memorable winter when I was in my early teens, my mother made a huge batch of this stuff and stored it in a large bucket with a tupperware lid.  We scooped cocoa mix out of that for the whole winter.  It was so much fun.  Now, I’m low on spare buckets around here so I also bought a 32cup storage container.  Coming home, I made the cocoa mix and presented a steaming mug to my official taste tester, aka Haus Meister.  My other official taste testers were already asleep.  He thought it needed more cocoa, but I think it greatly depends on how much mix you add.  It can definitely be too watery.  I also did not follow my mom’s recipe to the letter because I had a big tub of cocoa at home.  Anyway, here’s my vague recipe with even vaguer instructions:

  • 1 standard box instant dry milk.
  • 1 bag powdered sugar, 1 cup removed
  • 2 boxes Hersheys cocoa (or cocoa of your choice)
  • 1 8-10oz container instant coffee creamer

Mix these together and seal in airtight container.  Add liberal helping to your mug.  Fill with hot water.  Stir and enjoy, with or without marshmallows.

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