Those pesky toy catalogs

I loathe them.  I really do.  Those pesky toy catalogs that arrive starting in mid-October from companies I’ve never heard of except during this time of year, usually full of cheap, bright, plastic gadgetry with a million accessories–half of which will be lost before New Years, if it actually survives that long.  Of course those catalogs appeal to the younger set of the family, who always like to look at mail whether it is addressed to them or not.  Usually I banish them to the recycle pile pretty quickly.  Today it occurred to me to toss one of those catalogs into the outdoor recycle bin before it even entered the house, thus preventing an attack of the gimmies from even starting.  I wish I had always been so smart.  😉  So instead I brought inside a Montessori supply catalog that had arrived, full of practical toys and overpriced child-sized cleaning supplies.  I had hoped to encourage the kids to get excited about the cleaning supplies, actually.  “Wouldn’t you like to dust the furniture with your own duster?”  Or the window cleaning kit!  Rascal’s response to that one was, “Maybe for Easter, Mom.”

I do permit and encourage browsing through the Hearthsong and Magic Cabin catalogs, so I’m not entirely the Mean Mom who stuffs her children’s stockings with their own housekeeping supplies, no matter how sorely I am tempted.  Recently Rascal watched me look up a toy on and now he likes Amazon as much as I do, particularly the Thomas Wooden Railway page.  Today he decided *I* needed to look up more friends for his Emily engine (never mind that we have Gordon, Toby, Bertie the Bus, two Thomases, and two Percys), and watching over my shoulder, he decided upon Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twins.  While I commend him for choosing a pair of the ten original engines, I’m also thinking “Great.  Not the ones you can find at Target.”  Remind me to do my toy research now when the kids are in bed.  That would be significantly smarter of me. 😉

4 thoughts on “Those pesky toy catalogs

  1. I remember LOVING those catalogs as a kid. They were always pretty tattered by the time we were through with them. We were allowed to go through them and circle things we liked with a marker. I do not remember getting a single thing that we circled, but we sure had fun dreaming. 🙂

  2. My sister and I still circle things in catalogs. 🙂 Back in the day, though, didn’t we just get one or two of those catalogs in the mail, instead of seven or eight? Or were our mothers just good at hiding them? 😉

    I have been allowing my Rascal to practice his scissor skills by cutting out things he’d like. I just didn’t anticipate that he would cut out 3/4ths of the catalog. Or try to glue it to the living room wall.

  3. I remember circling a TON of stuff, and I think maybe I got one or 2 here and there, but my mom was big into surprises, so if we circled it that meant we might not get it, of course that didn’t stop us from circling half the catalogue. 🙂 Maybe Rascal would like a scrapbook, (my binder full of plain white paper was one of my favorite toys!)

  4. I seem to remember getting a lot of Lilian Vernon catalogs as a kid. I remember wanting the playsets with plastic horses and a stable. I always circled those. We just got a big Toys R Us catalog, but it seems like more than half of it is electronics! Yikes!

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