Happy All Hallows Eve


Tonight we attended our first Halloween party in around five years.  I felt a twinge of guilt that we wouldn’t be among the ten trick-or-treaters on our street, lest the neighbors miss us, but given the controversy of celebrating Halloween on Sunday I don’t think many porch lights would have been on, anyway.  The party, however, was fantastic.  There were six families in attendance and we all brought a dish or two to share.  Our gracious and lovely hostess gave out these cute treats to all the kids assembled–a moonpie decorated to look like an owl.  See above.  Actually, I think our hostess did a better job than the example, but I digress.  In honor of the feast of All Saints, of which Halloween is the eve, we gathered and prayed the Litany of Saints before going out to trick-or-treat.  Dressing as saints was optional this year, but two of my group did.  Princess was St. Lucy, but I dressed her like a Lucia Queen because I wanted to kill two birds with one stone and do this project in advance of Advent.   The crown looks more like a felt Advent wreath under my hand, but the kids love it and Princess did wear it at first–when we didn’t have the camera in hand.  Otherwise she picked up a Santa hat I had brought along in case anyone wanted to be St. Nicholas, and so she went to a few houses looking like the most darling Christmas elf.

Rascal dressed up as a knight and said he was going as St. Michael.  I offered to make him wings out of cardboard and gold wrapping paper, but he declined. “Save those for the girls, Mom” was the response.  Trooper walked a ways with us tonight but didn’t participate in the candy haul.  If people were passing out cups of plain yogurt, he’d be much more interested. 😉  Sunshine wore the same pumpkin costume that all the boys wore (Princess was too little for her first Halloween), and was probably the cutest in it yet.  Dinosaur went as himself–John Deere Man.  Honestly, he wore a green hat, plaid shirt, brown pants, and “wellingtons.”  He was happy, and comfortable enough to actually say “trickertweet” and “thank you.” 😉

Suffice to say the crew was delighted to get a fair amount of free candy.  I was worried, though, that a bag of Dum-Dum lollipops I had brought for the occasion, to supplement our hosts’ candy bowl, should have gone missing just before we all went out for trick-or-treating.  I looked high and low, in and out of our stuff, around the places where we’d been. It was nowhere to be found.  It was only after our return from the party that I found it, in the most logical place possible.

They were inside Rascal’s candy bag.


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