Not a model of patience here, yet, anyway.

I broke my right pinky finger on Thursday.  After living in denial for a day, hoping it was just a sprain, I went to the ER last night after the kids were asleep (Haus Meister watching the homefront) and got the diagnosis “hairline fracture.”  Now my right hand looks ready for Halloween, with a metal splint covering two fingers (the ring finger buddy-taped to the pinky) and enough of a gauzy splint wrap to make me look like a mummy. On the hand, anyway.   I am sorry to say I have not been patient about or remotely accepting of the immobilization of these fingers.  I never knew how much I used them until they were taped up (or broken).

Weren’t Moms supposed to be impervious to disease or personal injury?   And why is it that some of us moms have such a hard time taking care of ourselves, when we would do anything to alleviate the ailments of any other person in the family? 😉

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