Small Successes–help-my-blog-is-becoming-a-food-blog-!-edition

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

I looked over the past few entries and realized lately I’ve been writing almost entirely about food.  Who do I think I am, the Pioneer Woman or something?   She at least has an awesome kitchen and a personal cookbook.  No, I take that back.  I may covet her flour and sugar drawers, but I think my kitchen is pretty incredible.  It has a 1960s Frigidaire Flair single oven (link shows the double one) that still works (except for one burner).  It has quirky post-war metal cabinets–great for hanging recipes with magnets so I don’t lose them on the counter while baking.  It has pine flooring that we found by accident after peeling away four layers of linoleum/vinyl tile.  It makes my friends stop and gasp in envy at its size (although not the fingerprints on the white metal cabinets).  It houses Haus Meister’s 8-yr-running collection of unique beer bottles that scandalized our Baptist neighbors.  Any future abode of ours will have to have a kitchen that matches this one or improves upon it somehow.

But I seriously digress.  I wanted to say that around here we do not think about food 24/7 as my blog might indicate.  With seven people in the Haus, I do spend a bit of time onThursdays preparing a menu for the next week for efficient grocery shopping.  In the seven years we’ve been married, my husband has inspired and encouraged me in the art of  cooking.  But honestly, I can come up with something for this blog that has nothing to do with food, right?  Let’s see:

1) I have four of the five slated to be caught up with their well-child doctor visits this week. The girls went on Monday and two of the boys go on Friday.  The girls checked out fine and healthy.  That probably has something to do with food. 😉

2) I reorganized my tupperware/Pyrex cabinet (after you left, Mom, sorry).  Now there is nothing in that cabinet that does not have its proper lid.  Yes, that does relate to food.

3) We’ve canned 26 quarts of applesauce and still have three bushels of apples to work through.  I know that has everything to do with food, as well as our crazy quest to see if we can put by a year’s worth of applesauce.

So clearly, I need to learn to paint walls.  Then I can brag about  something that won’t make any of us hungry, as well as giving my poor hard-working husband a bit of a break.  Meanwhile, I need to be thinking of next week’s menu. 😉

2 thoughts on “Small Successes–help-my-blog-is-becoming-a-food-blog-!-edition

  1. I think all mom-blogs should contain innumberable references to food. (Mine does this week – although it really references the fact that I actually fed my child…maybe that’s an issue I should address?)

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