Guilt Trip

Last night Haus Meister came home from work looking a little tired.  He’s been running 10-hr days lately to try and finish about seven projects before the Christmas/New Year break (yes, his office closes the week between those holidays.  Yes, it is awesome).  So I suggest to him that we do a one-stop shop for our weekly grocery shopping adventure.  No Big Box Grocery Store + Whole Foods this week, let’s just do Wal-Mart.  We can be there and back again in time for the kids’ bedtime.  I expected him to balk; for reasons I can’t at the moment recall, we seemed to have had negative experiences at Wal-Mart and thus repeatedly said we’d boycott the place except when I needed Mulled Apple Cider candles. 😉  However, there was no balking.  “Let’s try it,” he said, “maybe we’ll actually save some money.”

So to Wal-Mart we went, with the understanding that we would go nowhere near the half of the store containing toys, housewares, and other items of that ilk that just lend themselves to attacks of the gimmies and impulse buys.  Groceries or bust!  I did begin to miss my fun little neo-hippie-organic-health-foods store, which has such personality.  Walking the dairy department aisle and noticing the organized row upon row of neatly aligned orange juice bottles made me think of that scene in You’ve Got Mail when Kathleen Kelly leaves her absolutely adorable but ultimately doomed children’s bookstore and goes into her nemesis, the Fox Books Superstore.   I began to feel guilty that I was getting excited over the money I already knew I was saving.  And then, when we got to the cash register with our full cart, and I saw the total came to 29c below what I had in my wallet, I knew I was hooked again.

Whole Foods will not drop entirely from the Haus shopping list–their bulk foods aisle contains the best brown rice ever, not to mention an incredible deal on cornmeal, oatmeal, and spices.  I have reusable spice jars so whenever I need something, I just go get a ziploc bag at their bulk spice bin, fill with however much I think I’ll need, and come home having spent 75c on a thing of allspice that would have cost me 3.75 anywhere else.

But tell me, is it weird to feel guilty that I just bought a 10lb bag of white sugar for $4.64 instead of the 4.4lb bag of organic cane sugar for $5.19? 😉

One thought on “Guilt Trip

  1. I feel guilty when I go to Wal-Mart instead of Aldi’s. Is it weird that Wal-Mart IS my splurge? Haha!

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