Patience is a virtue I’m still acquiring…

…and will likely be attempting to acquire until my time here is up.

For instance: filling up the van’s gas tank these days means a LOT more than it did last year when we had the Odyssey.  More time, more money.  But that isn’t a complaint–just a factual statement.  I love the Beast.  The Odyssey would never have gotten us to Vail and back.  However, I find I still think it’s going to take the equivalent amount of time filling up Beastie any smaller vehicle, which of course it won’t as there is twice the gas tank!

So I stand there at the gas pump, having lost interest in watching the numbers climb, having made five funny faces at five funny kids through the window.  Still filling.  I watch cars and trucks go about their business while I stand there idle.  Still filling.  I notice a tree across the street and think: This tree will have lost its leaves and grown its buds for Spring and I will STILL be waiting on this thing….

…and then I realized it was an evergreen tree.  Oh boy, would I have been waiting a long time! 😉

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