Kids in the Kitchen Friday — Episode 1.

Two years ago, when we were in what I refer to as our “practice year” of homeschooling, I used to plan for a kitchen activity at least once a week.  We would bake something up to correspond with the monthly theme — for instance, we had four different pumpkin recipes for each week of October.  It ended up being mainly an activity for Rascal and I, as Trooper has no sweet-tooth whatsoever, as well as the fact that he is bored of any baking activity that doesn’t involve mixers.  No whirr of machinery?  Forget it.

Until yesterday my grand plan of kitchen togetherness had taken a back seat to other worthy activities.  However, yesterday I was reading a back issue of Faith and Family with an emphasis on cooking with children.  A large cookie pizza was the frontpiece of the article, and I might have just been hungry at the time but it definitely looked tasty.  It was everything my kids would be enthusiastic about, and now I would have three little helpers–Rascal, Dinosaur, and Princess.  Never too soon to learn proper kitchen manners (“Don’t lick spilled sugar off the countertop!!”), after all.  So starting today we will be doing something in the kitchen together every Friday.

Here’s the article that got me started again:


I don't think this pizza was decorated by children as young as mine--the candy is too perfectly scattered.


And here is our result!


Notice the Princess' hand to the left, and the m&ms conveniently scattered--er--dumped in the middle of the pizza. Proof positive that my children did help. 😉


P.S. Trooper is not left out of the kitchen fun.  Every day he reminds me to get the bread machine running, and he will often get my measuring cup out for me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Kids in the Kitchen Friday — Episode 1.

  1. Thanks! It was quite delicious, although we quickly found that Dinosaur and Princess were only ever interested in eating the m&ms — to the point of putting down their m&m-less slices and trying to con us out of our own m&ms. 😉

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