Decluttering the backyard, part 2.

On Sunday we went to the early Mass so Haus Meister could have the most time to work.  I know it was Sunday, but hey, it’s necessary work when you only have so many vacation days to do this in, and when there’s beams with exposed nails sitting around your backyard.   He was out and about with the saw, breaking down the roof into manageable piles.  Our neighbor returned in the afternoon to lend a hand again, and the two of them hauled a goodly portion of the wood piles into the dumpster.  By the end of Sunday, we could tell we’d need a second dumpster.  However, they were able to do all the work they had wanted to do without the skid steer, and so were ready for it to arrive on Monday afternoon.

Rascal shows off the John Deere skid steer while the Bobcat model is unloaded.

Haus Meister learned pretty quickly how to operate that thing (the real one, not the toy pictured), and soon was zipping to and fro with piles of debris in and out of the backyard.  The children went wild, watching him load the bucket from a back window and then running to the front door to watch him dump it into the dumpster.


Last night there was only a bit left to do.  I wondered, though, if there would be enough hours in the day to enable Haus Meister to finish and get the yard ready for kids again…..

Once garage, now future patio space.

…and there was.  Ignore the archery block; that’s going into the attic until the boys are Boy Scouts.  It was hiding in the old garage.  We still have plans to have gravel poured so that the yard in that area doesn’t become a giant dust bowl/mud pit, but for today, the project is completed.

One small step for Dinosaur...

And I am immensely proud of my husband.

3 thoughts on “Decluttering the backyard, part 2.

  1. We are very proud of Haus Meister, too! Your yard looks so much bigger. Way to go! Love, Grandma Rie

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