Decluttering the backyard

This weekend we began a project to improve our property value by removing a garage.  What’s that you say?  Garages are essential to property value?  Not, my friends, when one’s detached garage looks like this:

I’m ashamed to post that, actually, but it’s been so satisfying watching the progressive destruction of our backyard albatross.


To the left, the old workshop area of the original owner.  To the right, the amassed junk of three owners.  Most of it came with the house in one way or another.  All of it is destined for the dumpster behind me.


By this point I had begun to feel a bit sorry for that vintage light fixture on the old workbench.  Haus Meister reassured me that it was definitely broken already.  I get sentimental like that, though.  I tried to remember which room it had been in when we moved in, but couldn’t.  It had been in one of the bedrooms, that much I do recall.  We took them out to install ceiling fans as the house had NO air circulation (one of the reasons this project was put off so long–so much to do inside the house!).


But then, it came down.  Such relief.  It was finally possible to see the back fence from my back porch.  I could tell Ms. W next door was elated as well; for ten years she has had to see that garage from her deck (our neighborhood is on a hill), so she was watching this section of the destruction process with a glass of wine.

Haus Meister conquers the garage.

Haus Meister and our other next-door neighbor were behind this project.  The two of them have worked on this since Saturday (when the above pictures were taken), and today they cleared away most of the rubble with the help of a rented skid steer (which, let me tell you, was the highlight of some boys’ day).  We’re also on a second dumpster.  I did find a shelf worth salvaging from that wreck and Haus Meister will fix it up for my mason jars.  I will post the clear-up pictures soon, but I know my folks wanted to see these, so here we go!

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