Mr. Literal

We sometimes refer to the Rascal as Mr. Literal, because he does take things very literally.  For example, the first time he heard me sing Sunshine her theme song (“You are my Sunshine”), he came running in with an angry expression and blurted: “WHO’S going to take the sunshine away?!”

When he heard the expression, “can’t take one’s eyes off someone,” he thought it referred to the physical removal of one’s eyeballs.  That was an interesting conversation.

For the better part of a week or more I have been most puzzled by Rascal mentioning a “new heart” he was getting from Jesus.  “I’ll get my new heart soon, and it’s going to be bigger.”  I haven’t taught him the pious, “Take my heart, Lord, and make it like unto Thine,” yet… so what could he mean?  Rascal mentioned things about new hearts daily, sometimes telling me his old one was going to be scrapped (like the useless engines in Thomas & Friends), or that his new heart was “in” and didn’t need any medicine.  Unless, of course, the medicine was candy or something. 😉  Then the heart-based monologues began to border on the macabre, where he’d say other old hearts were being scrapped too.  This kid doesn’t see anything more violent than animated trains coming off the track–of course, with the ever-present narrator’s caveat: “no one was hurt.”  So what did he mean?

It dawned on me tonight as he again reminded me that he had a new heart, but added that “everyone else does too–lots of old hearts going up!”

Going up?

“Rascal, do you mean at Church when Father says, ‘lift up your hearts’ and we say, ‘we lift them up to the Lord’?”

He beamed, nodded emphatically.  “Yes, that’s what I meant.”

Oh my.  I’m really glad we finally got to the bottom of this one.

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