Small Successes–getting ready for Fall edition.

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

Even though it’s still hot as summer outside, the humidity haze has broken and it seems that everyone around us are coming out of the summer hibernation and getting ready for the cooler weather we will eventually enjoy.  The neighbors across the street replaced their windows (which would have been murderous a few weeks ago with the humidity).  Another neighbor is clearing up her yard.  Up and down the street people are planting and trimming and getting a last mow or two in.  We’re preparing inside the home, getting rooms ready for painting and doing a general re-organization of practically every room.  Our weekends have been packed but we find we love industrious weekends so much more than lazy weekends, especially as we continue to make our little house a Home.  Some of the things we’ve been up to are as follows:

1) We put up 13 quarts of applesauce in our quest to see if we could put by enough applesauce for a year.  So far the grand total is 19 quarts, but we’ve given two away.  🙂  Huzzah for the uber food mill!

2) Haus Meister painted the dining room.  This is a mixed success because after a day or two we feel it isn’t the right color.  We were silly enough to purchase it based on its look online, rather than by the in-store swatch, so what we thought was a most desirable warm-and-cozy tan turned out to be mustard-gold.  It has the warmth in the color which we like, but blast it, it’s just so mustard.  Back to the paint shop, to look at swatches instead.  The swatch of the current color did prove that it was indeed meant to be mustard.  However, I grant this as a success because the dining room is fully painted, and the man deserves credit for that.

3) The biggest and best success of the week was the culmination of an idea Haus Meister and I have been talking about for some time.  There’s a unique little furniture store in town that partners with an antique auction place.  What the auction hall doesn’t sell goes into this store, and we’ve been going to them if we’re in need of a piece of furniture.  Granted, we’re talking about furniture from the ’50s – ’80s, but all the furniture came from England or Wales, which is just jolly neat.  So, our idea was to buy a wardrobe.  Yes, Narnia fans, we have an English wardrobe in our bedroom now.  Not wide enough for rows of fur coats–even if we had any–but long enough to hold all our clothes from our closet (and mind you, the designer of our 1940s house put the closet for our room in the hallway, so it’s nice to have all our clothes in one room for the first time in six years.   The next best part of all is that our old closet is now officially my sewing closet! All my fabric and projects are now out of our bedroom (although the sewing machine table is still there) and in that closet, and let me tell you, our room hasn’t looked so clean and organized in months.  Huzzah!

10 thoughts on “Small Successes–getting ready for Fall edition.

  1. I love the idea for a wardrobe!!! Unfortunately not only do we not have room for one (and we have a walk-in closet) my husband once helped his brother move an armoire (about the size of a wardrobe) and refuses to move one. Ever. Again. 😦 I’m sorry to hear about the color, I cannot tell you how many times that has happened in our extended family (we’ve only painted once and got lucky!).

  2. Well, Kristen, we decided as we moved the wardrobe into the house from the van that there was no way WE would ever move again. We don’t want to have to do that twice! 😉

  3. My brothers had a wardrobe when we were kids, and we enjoyed playing Narnia in it! As there were four of us (and two girls, two boys to boot!) this was pretty awesome. Though John was so little that it was hard to keep him interested. And I was always Susan, so needless to say, I was a little bit peeves at Lewis for a time after I read The Last Battle.

    Nice successes by the way! Industrious weekends leave us frazzled for at least a week afterwards, so I really admire your energy! But then, you’ve always had a lot of that. I can remember wondering at your stamina and cheer after late nights in college as well!

  4. I never thought I’d meet another writer – at least, not from this century – who uses “huzzah,” “neat,” and “blast it.” Yet, here you are. This is just so SPIFFY! Huzzah!

  5. Do you buy your apples, or do you have a tree? All of our apples were wormy this year (forgot to spray two times… *sigh*) and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to buy the apples. We love applesauce around here. Do you can or freeze (and which do you like better?)?

  6. Elizabeth–

    I’m still recovering from last weekend. 😉 Sunshine’s working on her second tooth, but she’s got my mellow personality so instead of being up at 2am fussy, she’s up smiling. (thanks for the compliment, by the way) Miss you.

    Amazing-you know those words, too? 😉

    JJ’s Mom–
    A pint of applesauce for the baby is impressive and don’t let yourself think otherwise. I keep thinking about making my own baby food again–I did for my oldest–but right now I somehow can’t bring myself to go beyond the convenience of those horribly overpriced jars at the store.

    We do enjoy the wardrobe, and are looking forward to sweater weather … which down here will be in December.

    Farmer’s City Wife–
    I envy you your trees. I buy seconds from a local orchard. I used to have a deep freeze but (sob) was foolish enough to sell it at a yard sale three years ago because I thought I needed the room in my laundry room that it inhabited (it came with the house). So to make a long story short, canning is currently my only option.

  7. Miss you, too, Haus Frau! Little Maggie just got her first teeth (two at once!) which resulted in two weeks of being up for long stretches at night–at least so far, she’s being the roughest teether yet. Here’s hoping Sunshine lets you get lots of rest!

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