Feed the birds

It was high time for another Science class meets Nature Study for the Rascal, so yesterday I determined we should make the Pumpkin Birdseed Feeder shown in the above book.   I had a pumpkin already, thanks to Princess, who saw it in the Produce department, grabbed it, dropped it, and thus obliged me to purchase it. 😉  I cut it in half, hollowed it out as recommended, and braided some twine into ropes with which to hang it.  Rascal stirred up a mixture of peanut butter and birdseed (the book calls for suet, which our pantry lacked), and we filled the bowl of the pumpkin with what we assumed was bird cuisine.

I decided we should hang it from one of the trees out front so that we could observe which birds came to the feeder from our picture window.  Rascal straddled a low tree branch and held the pumpkin while I tied the first two strands of the rope hanger to the branch.  Complacent in my success, I began to tie the second set.


Pumpkin flipped out of the ropes and hit the dirt, the bird cuisine landing in a neat ball next to it.

“Fine,” I said in defiance, and retrieved a wire hanging basket.  We put the pumpkin in the basket, refilled it with the seed mixture, and easily hung the basket hook over a branch.  “We’ll check in a little while and see what birds we can see, okay?” I said encouragingly.  Rascal grinned and nodded eagerly.

At this time, we’ve seen nary bird or squirrel on our creation.  Humph.  This is not to say the book’s instructions are flawed; I’m sure the error is more on our side.  Perhaps the local birds do not prefer all-natural peanut butter.  But the crowning judgment on the piece came yesterday afternoon, when Rascal, the memory of the pumpkin’s fall fresh in his mind, brought Haus Meister to the window.  Rascal points out: “That’s a bird feeder.”

“I see,” says Haus Meister.  “It looks good.”

With a man-to-man, design engineer-to-design engineer air about him, Rascal continues, “Mommy made it.  It doesn’t work.”

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