Owl at dawn

Or thereabouts.

Last night, Sunshine was up with a first tooth(!), and let me just add here that she is the mellowest teether in recent memory.  That being said, we return to the narrative.  She woke 3-ish and finally let me get back to bed close to 5.  I know this because I had forgotten to set our coffeepot for the weekend time and it began to brew at 5.  At any rate, as I was getting ready to go back to sleep, I began to hear a strange sound.  When it repeated, I sat up with a start.

My owl!

Was he on our fence again?  I jumped out of bed.  A quick glance out the laundry room window did not reveal the feathered fellow where he had so puzzled me last year.  Haus Meister came to join me at this point and we went to look in the backyard via the main bathroom window.  No owl on that fence, either.  Haus Meister opened the window, and on the cool night breeze wafted the owl’s call.  He was somewhere further up the road by the sound.  We stood there a few moments, enjoying the cool morning, the chirp of nighttime crickets, and the owl.

I confess I was quite glad to have heard from the bird again.  Rascal was sorry to have missed it, but there wasn’t a chance I’d wake him at 5am right now.  He’d have stayed awake, and having ascertained that the owl was in fact still around, I was selfishly happy to go back to sleep.  😉

One thought on “Owl at dawn

  1. You almost sounded like the ‘Night Before Christmas’ – I sprang from my bed to see such a clatter. Or something like that. Glad you could hear he’s back.

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