Small Successes — A Birthday Edition

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

1) I decorated for Princess’ birthday.  Normally I am quite on track with the day’s menu, with making sure presents arrive on time and are at least in a bag, and that we have sufficient balloons for the occasion.  However, I fall flat on my face when it comes to things like streamers or banners and whatnot, which is surprising because my parents were fantastic about decorating the house for us as we slept the night before our birthday.  Well, tonight I hung the balloons and arranged a fabric garland I made from scraps of old shirts and extra project fabric–the idea came from Handmade Home.

Pretty simple; just takes scissors, fabric, thread, a needle, and Time.

I also put out Princess’ birthday crown (which she had received last weekend when we partied for her with my parents and sister’s family), and this neat farmyard playmat made by Clare.  The barn was Dinosaur’s 3rd birthday present, but as the year has gone by, Princess seems to have adopted most of the animals.  The boys tend to fill the barn with tractors.  So, we gave Princess a set of baby animals and a new cow.

The removable vegetables in the garden were ours from a felt board storyboard. Clare did all the rest, including two haybales not pictured.

The pictures do none of this justice, but I had to take them in the peace and quiet of the house while children were asleep.  I know nothing will stay still long enough for pictures in the morning. Particularly with chocolate-chip pancakes on the menu….

2) I made the Breakfast Cookies from The Sneaky Chef.  Haus Meister even enjoyed them, which means I could be making these on a regular basis.

3) A successful haircut for Haus Meister.  I’ve been his barber for about eight years now, and I think he approves of my work.

7 thoughts on “Small Successes — A Birthday Edition

  1. Great successes this week, esp. for Princess’ birthday! Love the garland idea. I, too, have never thought about decorating & LOVE your parents’ idea of doing it the night before. Happy Birthday to your Princess!

  2. Your birthday party can I say WOW! I am so impressed!!! I just threw my 2-year-old a party and I was very proud of it but I didn’t decorate or do breakfast (I did have her favorite dinner),

  3. Happy Birthday Princess! I love the french braids. so sweet. Great list of successes this week. The garland is so lovely. i will have to checkout the site. Have a fabulous week!

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