Random musings on Summer’s gradual end….

With the end of school’s first quarter in sight, I am not writing about the end of summer vacation, but rather the weather in these parts.  We spent last week in Indiana where it is about 15 degrees cooler, but the evenings here and early mornings are delightful.  It’s the kind of weather that makes Haus Meister and I debate the merits of various porch furniture, preferably a double rocker, and how would we manage to get a few stolen moments in the morning to sit out there with a cup of coffee?  Yes, waking up early would be an answer.  But waking up before the Trooper and sneaking in that outdoor cup of coffee would be a feat, otherwise it devolves into an “If you give a mouse a cookie” scenario.

If Trooper sees you on the porch, then he is going to want to join you.

If you allow him to join you, he will want to go for a ride in the van.

If you take him for a ride in the van, then he will want to go for miles.

(And not to mention you’ll have to take the rest of them as well)

If the van is packed with kids, then they will want to go for donuts

(remembering the two times this Spring we went for Dunkin Donuts)

and so much for your relaxing cup of coffee.

So much for it anyway, because if you say no to any of these things, someone is bound to fuss.  Because they are already up quite early, on account of having heard the front door open as you made your escape, and they don’t want to miss anything.

Clearly, the answer is that we need to get the replacement windows for our bedroom so we can drink our coffee there in peace, windows wide open, totally enjoying the Fall breezes, and unconcerned if one of the kids wakes up early.

The leaves are coming down already, brown and crackly on our driveway.  Rascal made the first leaf-pile of the season, and then paradoxically turned on the sprinkler as it is, after all, still reaching 90 out here.  After school today when I opened the back door for their outside time, Rascal was saying something about leaves coming down all around in a singsong voice and then turned to me and said, “That’s my Fall Song, Mommy.”

It’s a hit over here.

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