Ten things that make me cringe in my shoes.

Sherry over at Chocolate for your Brain tagged me for a meme.  I had no idea what that meant until I clicked her link and found out I’m supposed to mention 10 things that I’ve done that would scare the h-e-double-toothpicks out of me or my mom.  Well, that’s hard.  I’m a timid sort when it comes to doing truly daring things, so I’m going to change it to 10 embarrassing things I’ve done which come back to haunt me at times when I think I’m perfection. 😉 Or something like that….

10.  The leopard spotted swimsuit I wore as a kid.

9. Getting my hair permed at 16 and having half of it fried by said perm.  A re-perm made it worse.  Only cutting my hair short at 17 helped.

8.  The hat I had to wear as “Lady Alice More” in the play A Man for All Seasons.

7. Getting sick on an airplane flight without a discreet baggie near my seat.

6. In my senior semester of college (technically, I graduated Dec. ’02, but we only had one commencement), I conspired with my choir director to kidnap a set of bagpipes that belonged to a friend and that had been left in the choir loft for three days.  I put a fake ransom note in the college newsletter which led to all sorts of mischief, but the end result was that the bagpipes were returned unscathed, of course.

5.  During the bagpipe episode, I played a prank on my choir director which also led to all sorts of mischief–but also something kind of cool.  For some reason, he had rubber ducks in his office.  I kidnapped the ducks and took pictures of them around campus, all of which were pretty funny.  He retaliated by composing a Mass that was (for the semester) named after me, which essentially was the tune “Rubber-ducky” with the notes upside down and backward.

4.  When I was a teenager, I was so obsessed with the TV show “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” that my sister and I had a nearly life-size cardboard cutout of Dr. Mike and Sully on our bedroom wall.

3. Having had a nasty fallout with a family at 16 because they didn’t want their son dating (our family’s dating rule was 18), and he and I had a pretty big crush on each other.  I’ve always regretted some of the things I said after this because it, and things misconstrued to them by mutual friends, caused an irreparable breach with not only them but most of our homeschool group as well.   Being of course, young, I was well over the crush by the time I went to college (and meeting my incomparable husband), but I do regret having been part of the cause of the breach.

2.  Any picture taken of me when I was an awkward age 14.

1.  One day freshman year, something happened which was an answer to Haus Meister’s and my prayers and we decided to take a walk in the woods to celebrate–and also to sneak in an innocent hug and kiss, and yes, he might actually have been carrying me at the moment because we were giddy young saps who liked to dance and hug.  And we were in the woods because our college had rules against Public Displays of Affection.  And we were caught by my cousin.

No tagging here.  I embarrass myself freely, so you may go ahead and do likewise if you wish. 😉

I also noticed that most of my embarrassing moments happened when I was 14-16 or in college.  It’s nice to be pushing thirty and thus above all such nonsense.  😉

3 thoughts on “Ten things that make me cringe in my shoes.

  1. I’ll give you my two most embarrassing college moments, each featuring the college president. One: playing my flute on stage on St. Paddy’s Day, I was late coming in, and Dr. O’D, stopped ALL THE MUSICIANS and started us over again, so I’d come in on time. I vowed never to play the flute on campus again, and I never did. Two: fast forward to senior year, I finally got invited to sit at the head table when we had a Major Speaker there. I had a head cold, and couldn’t hear a bloody thing. The illustrious speaker kept trying to talk to me, and I kept asking him to repeat himself, until finally Dr. O’D shot me such a disgusted look that I tried to just look down at my plate and be ignored. Ugh, I still wither inside when I think of that one!

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