Good-bye, August.

Ahhh, it’s finally here.  APPLE MONTH!

That would be September.  For now, though, I’m going to recap August.

When the school year began for us a month ago tomorrow, I started a new theme for our classroom and instituted Fair Month (as in State or County Fair).  Every August except this one, we’re usually in Indiana at some point and we usually attend the State Fair, so I figured we would keep August as Fair Month and move Farm Month to the Spring, as we have so much material in the house on farm life.  Since early Spring, for me at least, is the doldrums of the school year, I felt it needed a bit of livening up.  So for Fair Month, we made a map of our imaginary fairgrounds and with scrapbooking stickers we gave a place on the map to each family member (with a carnival section thrown in for good measure; not that I’d trust my darlings on the Ferris Wheel.  Or the roller coaster).  There was “Mom’s Home Arts Barn,” “Dad’s Poultry” (in honor of the Quest for Backyard Chickens), “Sunshine’s Milking Barn” with cows and goat stickers; “Princess’ Pretty Horses” with horse stickers, “Dinosaur’s John Deere Action” area with an impressive spectacle of green and yellow machinery.  Trooper ran the hayrides with a tractor pulling haywagon sticker, and Rascal had sheep and pigs.  When we finished we taped the map to the wall to the confusion of those who didn’t see our bookshelf and figure it was school-related.

On display in August–

It was quite a fun display and enjoyable reads for all.  The John Deere book was obviously for our schoolroom tagalongs–Dinosaur and Princess. 😉

School is going well so far, and we’re all eager for the Fall with the increasingly autumnal themed books on our rotating school shelf, the promise of orchard-fresh apple cider every week, and new memories to be made.

But that’s another post.

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