A step back to antiquity

Tonight Haus Meister came in from taking out the trash and the compost and reported that he had seen a curious animal outside.  I thought at first he had said owl instead of animal so I excitedly said, “the owl?!”

It was not an owl, it was one of these critters —

This is not our yard. That is not "our" raccoon.

Meantime, Rascal, who had not yet fallen asleep, had heard me mention the owl and came out of his room in hopes of getting a peek.  I told him that his Daddy had seen a raccoon instead, and as Rascal didn’t remember off the top of his head what a raccoon was, I told him we would go look it up before he went back to bed (otherwise, I know he’d be keeping himself awake imagining the Terrible Fearsome Backyard-Stalking Raccoon).  At the time, our fiberoptics connection had failed for the second time this weekend, so our Internet was down–and therefore, so was Wikipedia.  Haus Meister thought I was heading for the computer and called out, “It’s down, remember?”

I pointed to the bookshelves.  “I know, dear, I’m going to get the encyclopedia.  You know, books?

He was laughing at this point.  “Oh, we still use those?”

Luckily our encyclopedia had an article on raccoons, complete with picture.  I was getting worried as I thumbed through the Ps and came across lengthy pages worth of Pompeii, Pottery, Pre-Hellenic Architecture, etc.  I think I am going to have to get a copy of the North American Wildlife book for our schoolroom.

I’ve been musing a lot lately on how much the Internet affects our lives.  I use it for schoolwork, for this public journalling, as an excuse to send mail electronically rather than through the post.  We use it for banking, billing, shopping (believe me, there’s nothing easier for me than that one), and recipe finding.   Now people say that books are on their way to being obsolete.

Except here.  We may like our Internet, but we still have seven full bookshelves and are making room for three more.   You may call it a step back into antiquity.  But for now, excuse me, looking at that raccoon reminds me that I need to do some online price comparison on compost barrels. 😉

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