Variations on a theme–The Pillowcase Dress

I’ve noticed that pillowcase dresses for toddlers are all the rage in crafting circles.  There are many tutorials for making your own, or if you choose, any crafting fair will probably have a booth selling some. I attempted a pillowcase dress a while back but it didn’t work out for various reasons.  I might try another at some point, but for now I opted to stick with the tried and true when I noticed I still had two pillowcases in my “to-sew” box.  I pulled out trusty pattern 5695, again modified View D (instead of adding  a ruffle, I used the existing pillowcase hems and just lengthened the dress), and voila!

Princess' is on the left, Sunshine's is on the right.

There. I’ve now made four nightgowns, just like I said I would. Never mind that it’s taken me a year…or that I’ve used different fabric…. 😉

One thought on “Variations on a theme–The Pillowcase Dress

  1. I love it! I’m fixing to make some princess play dresses out of some pretty hand-me-down 60’s poly. I’m toying with the pillowcase thing, but fixing the gathers so they won’t be so tempted to fall off the shoulders… I never thought of nighties! Great idea. I have several sets of pillowcases MIL embroidered before she passed away. That would be a sweet use for them… 🙂

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