Small Successes — Tomato, tomahtoe

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

1) My uber-food mill is a thing of a beauty and joy forever.  Haus Meister and I were able to put up 17 pints of tomato sauce and 23 quarts of salsa over the space of a weekend.  Now I just need to figure out where to put the jars.  We investigated a farm stand that was selling 25lb boxes of slightly softer ripe tomatoes for $6 a box.  Perfect for our venture!  That, and the bushel of peppers for $5, led to our salsa craze.  We’re going back for more this afternoon.

2) Researched and downloaded some iPad apps that will help Trooper with his handwriting (believe it or not).  Who knew that an iPad would be a therapy tool?  I was encouraged to know that our speech therapist had purchased an iPad for the clinic and a similar program to the one Trooper is using to eventually get the iPad to double as an AAC device.

3) I remembered to say sorry when I was cross about something and grumpy toward my family members.  After all, I require it of my children, so I ought to do it myself.

5 thoughts on “Small Successes — Tomato, tomahtoe

  1. Gah! We canned tomatoes this week (and will do a lot more in the coming weeks) and it’s a LOT of work. I wonder if the “uber food mill” would make it less daunting.

    Congrats on a great and productive week!!

  2. It sounds like a really productive week, especially the great buy on the tomatoes. Good eats this winter. I also loved your story about kids and catastrophes, we have certainly had our share too.

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