He’s my little hero

I was browsing through some pictures on this poor laptop that holds about 3 gigabytes worth of pictures on it.  If gigabytes is the word.  And if it is spelled correctly.  Anyway, I was looking in a folder that I wasn’t planning to be in–my quest was to find a recent picture of Sunshine–and instead I found this little fellow —

Trooper, circa Feb. 2004

Whoa.  Now mind you, he weighs about 3lbs at the time.  He’s tiny!  He’s fed through a tube, breathing with CPAP, his kidney issues are finally just resolving, and we’ve only been able to hold him in our arms for a little over a month.  Sometime that week he’d suffer a setback–he’d have a pneumothorax and be put back on the ventilator for the second and final time.  All the while, he’s still not even at his original due date yet.

Normally I don’t post pictures of my children on here–at least, not their faces.   But tonight, when I saw this picture, I was reminded of myself around that time.  I remembered googling “babies born at 24wks gestation” and hoping to find some success stories.   I needed to hear something good after all the bad.   I did find a few stories, but the first sites that came up offered “shrouds for preemie babies.”  shudder.

So here’s our success story, still in progress.  He’s full of life, and promise, and hope, with a wonderful sense of humor.  He’s breathing on his own.  He walks and runs.  He’s beginning to say his alphabet.  He weighs almost 60lbs.  He has the best “cheesy grin.”

Trooper, circa August 2010

Hang in there, moms and dads of preemies.  Have Faith.  God bless you.

3 thoughts on “He’s my little hero

  1. One of my husband’s cousins had their first child a couple years ago, and she was very premature–only a few weeks further along than your little guy was. She is now an adorable, chubby toddler, who loves life!

  2. What a great post! Yes Mr. man is our Hero, I have that latest picture on my black berry screen – his grin reminds me of his daily perserverance in overcoming his difficulties – and my troubles just melt away.

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