Small Successes — Farmer’s Market edition

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

Last week was National Farmer’s Market Week, so this week’s successes have a lot to do with it.

1) I remembered to go to my favorite neo-hippie organic health food store in time to get farm fresh peaches at 49c a pound.  We left with a case of them.  This is, of course, mere weeks after I told Haus Meister, “I’m not canning peaches this year.”

2) I canned the peaches before any of them had a chance to go mushy in the box.  This year I remembered the Fruit Fresh so no discolored peaches!  They look so pretty, I don’t want to eat them 😉

3) We also went to the local farmer’s market this weekend where I got an amazing deal on a case of tomatoes.  Those are waiting for my uber-food mill to arrive today.  I can hardly wait!  Usually I’m borrowing food mills, so it’s nice to have my own.  Just don’t ask for the huge canner back anytime soon, okay? 😉

7 thoughts on “Small Successes — Farmer’s Market edition

  1. You are so good! Still haven’t even attempted to can anything I always freeze if we have extra. A farmer’s market would be really nice if we had one!!

  2. Wow! Those are good deals! I always want to can peaches when I get them in bulk, but I don’t have the equipment. Good for you.

  3. I love the “Farmer’s Market” edition… 🙂 I have never managed to can anything – wish I did. Maybe that can be a goal for next year. God Bless and keep up the great work!

  4. OHHHH I want to come and learn. I can jams but that’s it. I am hoping to break into peaches and tomatoes this year. We shall see. Awesome list! Great job!!

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