Moments like these…

…really make the world a brighter place.

When it comes to Baby Sunshine, Rascal is my big helper.  If she is fussy because she wants attention (not emergency attention), and I’m in the middle of something (diapers, dinner, etc), I ask him to please make her happy and he will start talking to her.  He also sings to her, which I need to secretly record sometime for the family archive because it’s one of the sweetest things.

Last night was an example of his helpfulness.  I needed to change  a sheet on one of the boys’ beds before bedtime, Sunshine was a little clingy, and Haus Meister was supervising bathtime for some of the other kids.

ME – “Rascal, can you help me with Sunshine?”

RASCAL – “Of course!”  He proceeds to give the baby a hug.

ME – “Thanks for loving her so much.”

RASCAL – “She’s easy to love.”


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