The Colorado Excursion: Indiana leg of the journey….

….In which we learn lessons about seating arrangements in the van, and I forget something essential back at home.

We left for my parents’ house early enough to beat the July 4th traffic.  Happy to be off on our vacation, bags nicely packed, cooler full of food for picnicking on the way, we complacently began the drive.  We weren’t two hours into the trip when I remembered that one big thing I had forgotten–there’s always one, you know, that niggles in the back of your mind as you head out the door.

The camera!

Oh, that was rich.  Heading west without a camera!  Haus Meister had a camera on his work phone, but well, it isn’t the best.  So automatically we added “trip to Big Chain Department Store” on our list of things to do on the morrow.  It turned out to be rather providential, however.  Our old camera was a little beat up, after all, and Haus Meister found a very nice camera on clearance–nearly 60% off!  Now we had a nice camera for our trip, and the old camera at home could be used for those moments when you wanted to capture things fast, without worrying about lens caps.

We also learned that all three boys cannot–yet–share a bench seat in the van if the drive exceeds about five hours.  This was also providential as it had been my idea to remove one of the seats in order to accommodate a lot of luggage.  When Haus Meister was loading the van, he decided it would work just as well to leave all the seats in the van, loading  the back seat with the duffles and etc., that way we could still transport my parents around to the park and church so we could all go in one vehicle.  I’m glad he did, because before the last few hours of the trip we would already need to move Dinosaur back to his usual spot in the back seat (which he prefers–it wasn’t a punishment).  He happily drove his tractors over the duffle bags, and we were spared Rascal’s whining, “HE’S TOUCHING MEEEEE.”

That was the first time such a whine had been heard in the van.  We knew right then we weren’t going to stand for it for the whole trip.  Rascal and Dinosaur usually share the back seat, with a space or two between them.  It keeps the brotherly bickering low.  Now Rascal was in front of Dino, so he spent some of the time looking back over his shoulder and driving his tractor on the back of the seat.  Their brotherly bickering erupted about every 108 minutes, but they either worked it out or we told the offending brother to let go of the other’s seatbelt, to turn around and face forward, etc.  Are girls like this in the car?  We don’t know yet.  So far the main sisterly offence happens when Princess falls asleep in the carseat with her head bowed in such a way that her hair dangles down in the tempting reach of her eager and inquisitive baby sister, who sits next to her in a rear-facing carseat.  Oh my, the screams from those encounters…

We spent a few days relaxing in Indiana and then prepared for the next leg of the journey, which would end with a trip to….

A farm boy's dream come true

One thought on “The Colorado Excursion: Indiana leg of the journey….

  1. Yes, girls are like that in the car. My 2 and 3 year old sit in the back of the mini-van with a seat between them, and they still manage to pull on each others seats, fight over blankies, and tattle on each other very loudly!
    And sometimes they sing or have little conversations about what they see out of the window, its pretty cute to watch.

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