Good to be back

I woke up to Princess’ crying early this morning.  The room looked unfamiliar at first, and I blearily attempted to recognize my surroundings while Haus Meister (who woke before me) went to see what our daughter needed.   My eyes fixed upon the wedding picture hanging beside our bed.

Oh, that’s right, we’re home now.

Home.  There’s nothing like it. 

I’m still unpacking and sorting through things.  Finding places for items we gathered on our journeys and taking stock of what we might have left in places (a sippy cup and two nightlights for sure, and the sundry small items my Mom keeps finding).   It always seems to take longer to unpack than it did to prepare for a trip.  It doesn’t help that Princess wants to “fold” the clothes as I take them out of bags and isn’t always impressed with my attempt to sort things into piles.  She definitely will in charge of her own bag someday soon.  It also doesn’t help that the boys are excited to be reunited with old toys and fill the playable surfaces as soon as they are cleared.

But we’re back!

And the trip was 4037.5 miles.  I can’t count.

I will, however, be telling the tale of our escapades soon.

2 thoughts on “Good to be back

  1. Wow! Sounds exciting. 🙂 Our last trip of that size was when we had a 15 month old and a 6 week old. I’m looking forward to hearing how you did it with your crew.

  2. I still haven’t completely unpacked from our vacation, which is rather pathetic. But then, it’s only a small bag of odds and ends, so I guess it’s not a big deal. Can’t wait to hear about how your trip was!

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