I made it, and I wore it!



Haus Meister and I had decided that the black and cream floral print fabric I’d found would look better as a dress rather than a skirt, so as I previously posted, I went through my small stack of vintage patterns and came up with one I thought I would like.   I hoped the dress would compliment a vintage black hat I found, but the verdict is still out on whether I chose the right style of dress.  It’s a velvet hat, so I think I need to go a bit more formal than cotton….

 This is the pattern.  I purchased it on eBay sometime last year.  It’s a mail-order pattern from the 1950s.





It’s lucky for me that I chose to do the short-sleeved version, as the previous seamstress had cut away the three-quarter-length sleeve option.

And here is the dress!  

The thing in the top left corner is my vintage black 1950s hat

I apologize for poor lighting and etc.; I do not pretend to be anything but a rank amateur photographer.  There is a pocket on the dress–the little black floral accent on the skirt marks the center of it.  Had I a picture of myself in it that I approved, I’d post it.  Meanwhile, I give you my word I have honestly worn this dress; I wore it this very afternoon to the airport to pick up Haus Meister from a short business trip.  He knew I had started on the dress before he left, but he did not know I had finished it and was pleasantly surprised.

The skirt of the dress flares and flows much more while being worn rather than hung from my bedroom door.  Had I a dressform, I would have used it to show off my work.  However, I do not have a dressform and am unlikely to have space for such for some time(besides, it would always startle me into thinking someone else was in the room 😉 ).  So doors it is.

I had such fun making this.  The first time I tried it on, I thought to myself that I could easily have one for all seven days of the week.  Shortening the hem would make it a touch less formal.  I also need to get over my fear of switching out the sewing foot and actually use my zipper foot.  That would help. 

So here’s my project.  It isn’t much, really, but I am so proud of it.  My husband approved and told me I look great in ’50s dresses, and to me that is worth more than anything.

3 thoughts on “I made it, and I wore it!

  1. You are like your mother – if you knew what you are doing you’d be a dangerous or fabulous dressmaker. Why can’t we be like my mother/your grandmother?


  2. Haha! I check that site out every week to see what she’s made. Thanks for the compliments. I’ll see what I can do about a picture.

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