A few little things that made my weekend.

  • We had scones and tea for dinner (after grilling some chicken with some of my in-laws after noon Mass).  The scones were amazing.  I found the recipe in the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Catalogue.  Will definitely be making this again.
  • Dinosaur has been spontaneously and repeatedly telling Haus Meister and I that he loves us.  It sounds like “I wuv you,” or sometimes, “I wuh you.”  But it still melts my heart.  And then, he switches gears and begins to pretend he’s Sir Topham Hatt ordering his engines around.
  • Trooper was acting silly on purpose to make us laugh.
  • Princess made it through Mass without throwing a fit.
  • Sunshine loves solid food.  It’s a month earlier than we began to feed her sister, but hey, she’s trying to steal our food while we eat.
  • Rascal loves the new plastic pool.

**I noticed on Monday that this is my 300th post.

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