Hobbit-Dog, Neighborhood Buddy

Remember this post about the geriatric dachshunds?  Well, we haven’t managed to give any of them cardiac arrest.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

You see, when we built the privacy fence we left some space between the bottom of the fence and the ground to allow for some water flow as we do live in a flood plain and have experienced some flooding in the past.  This isn’t generally enough space to allow kids to escape (we’ve planted stuff in front of those gaps), but as said before, it is enough to allow Hobbit-dog to pop out of the fence and go visiting.  He can’t go far, and we never let him run loose, except between these two yards.  To explain further would cause me to spend more time discussing the construction of our neighborhood than I have time for today.

Back to Hobbit-dog.  The other way he can escape is under the next-door neighbor’s fence, as she had constructed her fence with floods in mind as well.  She has a pair of Weimaraners, and at first she was dubious about the little puppy coming over as none knew how the big dogs would react to him.  Well, they like him, and he likes them.  He thinks he’s a big dog, instead of the Cojack that he is.   Anyway, in one weekend we ran into both sets of neighbors and apologized for not having made mends on the fence gaps yet (other projects having priority).

Well, we were shocked to receive the same response from both neighbors–“Don’t fix the gaps! We love your dog! He makes ours get their exercise!”  When Hobbit-dog goes out the back fence, he barks at the fence of the geriatric dachshunds and they come running to greet him and race along the property line, and apparently he’s the only thing that the dogs feel like running about.  When Hobbit-dog goes next door, he has the cheek to go and bark at the neighbor’s back door for the Weimaraners to come out and play, and our neighbor bemusedly lets them out.

He’s Hobbit-dog, the neighborhood buddy.

3 thoughts on “Hobbit-Dog, Neighborhood Buddy

  1. What a cute pup! What breed is it? I’m sure you have it posted somewhere in here, but I missed that. Jeremiah is dying for a dog, and when we have the chance to move to a dog friendly rental, I’d love to do that.

    Hope you are well!

  2. He is soooo cute! And if they way he’s posing for this picture is any indication, he knows it! 😉

  3. Thanks–we think he’s pretty cute, too. He’s part Welsh Corgi, part Jack Russell terrier, hence a “Cojack.”

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