An “aha” moment.

On Saturday, Sunshine and I made an impromptu trip to the fabric store to pick up “just a zipper” for Princess’ new dress-in-potentia.  But of course, it never does end up being “just one thing” does it?  No, I came home with five more yards of fabric (two different patterns) because I already had enough of that fabric to make a skirt, but not a dress, and I had decided a dress would look better.  Ah well.

Coming home, I rummaged through my vintage patterns to find the one that would look the best with one fabric.  I knew all the tissue paper pattern pieces were all right, amazingly, but I was dubious about the instruction pamphlet.  Part of it would crumble at the touch.   So, I consulted Haus Meister.  Was there some way to laminate this?  What if I carefully covered it in clear contact paper? (Now that’s a laugh–I have never been successful with contact paper)

He gave me an incredulous look.  “Scan it,” he said, wondering why I had never thought of it.  “We have a scanner, you know.”


Oh yeah.

So I scanned it in, and now I have both a pdf copy on my computer and a paper copy printed out on cardstock paper.  I still have the original, but only for nostalgia sake.  Now, I just need to begin sewing.

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