Last Day of School

Well, the 2009-2010 school year here at the Haus officially ended today.  We celebrated with balloons, certificates, and a cake.  Ahem.  Yes, this cake…. Firstly, you have to have a certain amount of imagination to “get” this cake.  Fortunately, my boys had it and are most forgiving of their mother’s attempt.  The cake was supposed to resemble a John Deere Gator.  Well, let me just give you a visual.

That is a Gator.  Leaving off the windscreen, this is the basic look I desired to attempt for my boys’ last day of school cake.   Here is what they got:

Poor dears.  They really deserved so much better.  But you know what?  That icing is very very delicious.  Especially if you’re a sugar-happy boy and think it is SO NEAT that Mommy is using up all the green food coloring in an attempt to imitate John Deere’s famous green-and-yellow paint scheme.  Oreos for tires? Amazing.  And then Daddy brings home a king-size Kit-Kat that turns into logs for the Gator cake to haul?  Ingenious!

This isn’t the first time that icing has done that to one of my cakes.  One of these days I’m going to master it, because it is really very, very good.  Did I need less milk?  More powdered sugar?  Less butter?  Did I copy one of the measurements wrong? (Perils of getting a recipe off the Web)  This time I tried refrigerating the frosting in hopes it would stiffen up a bit, and the small bowl of yellow frosting did, but there was just too much green and not enough time in either fridge or freezer to get that store-bought stiffness look.  Oh well, it was still a lot of fun, a delicious cake, and nearly everyone enjoyed it.

Trooper had a celebratory tub of yogurt, as he has yet to develop a sweet tooth.  That is a mixed blessing.

So now we enjoy a dozen (more or less) weeks of childhood fun with all the trimmings.   Sticky faces from jam and marshmallows, bare feet, bruised knees, poison ivy, farmer’s tans, happy laughter, mosquito bites, bike pedalling, hole-digging, mud pie making…. And that’s what they’ve already accomplished and experienced!

Looking back over the year I can say it was GOOD.   I may have been their teacher, but I’m not here to pat myself on the back for much. Getting to this point was really their victory.  Rascal can write his name, is beginning to find words he can read, can tell some time (just don’t ask him days and years yet, obviously).   He is enthusiastic about really and truly being a kindergartener next year.  One of the certificates I gave him today was from the Jan Brett website.  It had Hedgie on it, and Rascal loves Hedgie.

Trooper…. wow.  Yesterday I looked back at the journal I began in August of his daily accomplishments.  To think he’s gone from not being able to show me he knew colors to showing me eight of them…. From hardly stacking two blocks to stacking twelve….  From grunts and signs to saying “Yuh” for “Yes,” and nailing eight phonetical sounds on the head with more emerging…. To knowing all his capital and lowercase letters….. I am so blessed to be here for him during such an amazing year in his development.

Great job you two!  We’ll be having so much fun in the year to come!

But for now, time for some ice cream.  Or maybe more cake.  Or maybe I’ll skip the sugar and have a glass of iced tea.  Never mind–that’s sweetened, too.  Oh well!  It’s SUMMER!

3 thoughts on “Last Day of School

  1. From the both of us, who are looking forward to all of that summer fun you spoke of, packed into a weekend visit – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Save some cake.

  2. Save some cake?! Do you think that any will last past tomorrow’s snack?! Try: make another cake. With less green icing. 😉

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