Poor neglected blog…..

Since I’ve been regrettably lax with this blog of late, I’ll try to catch you up on the doings hereabouts in some written snapshots:

  • Rascal is done with school for the [school] year.  His curriculum was only 30weeks anyway, and he had started after Trooper.  We’ll have a party amongst ourselves after Trooper finishes up his 180 official days next week.  Trooper will of course be doing review work and continuing his daily living goals throughout the summer.  We’re hoping to improve a lot of gross motor skills as well–as the weather and the time allow for more playground expeditions.  It would be so nice to see him ride a trike….
  • Trooper had his first dentist appointment today.  His sensory integration issues have made him extremely resistant to anyone examining his face.  I’m not sure that there is a great majority of people who get excited about going to the dentist in the first place, but the idea of Trooper allowing someone to insert metal instruments in his mouth, at least without sedation, wasn’t too promising.  Luckily the dentist has had patients like Trooper before and wasn’t ruffled in the slightest.  He was able to examine Trooper by having the latter make faces in the mirror (Trooper’s funny faces usually involve opening the mouth wider than one would think humanly possible), and saw that there wasn’t anything to be concerned about.  Praise be!
  • Our garden is growing well.  The bell pepper plant was severed by one of the children (I’m guessing Dinosaur), but it’s still trying.  I put in a set of onions, but they probably won’t make it simply because I’m the one who planted them. 😉  Haus Meister’s blackberry brambles look well.  The blueberry bushes have taken and the grape looks nice against our side fence.
  • Haus Meister had a four-day business trip last week.  There was one bad day during those four–a rather gloomy rainy one wherein we all had cabin fever, I had hoped to sneak some time to sew, and the kids all wanted to be outside despite the rain.  Suffice to say neither happened, and I felt very silly for getting bent out of shape about not getting my way.  I’m not supposed to act like a toddler, right? 😉  Of course, that was also the day a small windowpane was broken by one of the kids (no damage done to the child, luckily), and during the time that Trooper had the worst case of poison ivy that I’ve seen in years.
  • I did get some time to sew later in the week, but that deserves its own blogpost.
  • More strawberry jam.  That stuff is just so good.  I’d put up some more this week but I didn’t have the bands for the Ball jars in time for the weekly grocery shopping stint.  I plan on buying another flat of berries this week.
  • We set up a shoe organizing spot for the boys’ room.  There are easily 8-10 pairs of boots/shoes floating around the place belonging to the guys, and after a twenty minute search for one shoe I declared myself fed up.  So as we needed to go to the hardware store again (I think we make up excuses just to go sometimes), I added “shoe organizer” to the list.  We looked at the wire ones but they just didn’t look appealing and I doubted they’d do much for us except gather dust in a closet.  I could not see the boys being motivated to line their shoes up on them.  Then I thought of the shoe cubby organizer.  Haus Meister pointed out that it was made of nearly 100% pressboard and would probably be sat upon/jumped off of and hence wouldn’t last a month.  Then we saw it: a durable, large, blue plastic bucket with rope handles.  It can hold two bushels of whatever.  It now holds a bushel of … shoes.  Now I can rummage through it and find a pair in less than five minutes, and the boys are more motivated to just toss something in a bucket.
  • We acquired a new sideboard for our kitchen.  We had been using a hutch like apparatus I got at Wal-Mart after we moved into the house nearly six years ago, and after six years was showing a bit of wear (read: sagging shelves).  However, said hutch was still usable and is now a blanket cabinet in the girls’ room.  Trust me, it does work.  It also replaced the 100% pressboard armoire that was previously holding quilts and blankets in the girls’ room and was in even worse condition.
  • I accidentally dropped my wallet in the parking lot of a grocery store on Saturday as we were leaving.  Fortunately it was turned in instantly and nothing was taken or tampered with–but I still feel like a complete idiot about it.
  • Our summer fun is kicking off with playdates nearly every Friday!
  • This ought to do for now.  Stay tuned; I hope to be a little more on top of things in the future.  Ambitious, aren’t I? 😉

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